Press Products Announces Range Of Covid-19 Solutions


Press Products has announced materials to manufacture PPE products. PVC binding covers are being used for the production of face shields. They come already cut to A4 or A3 sizing, with a thickness from 150-240 microns and a clear PVC gloss finish.

Press Products also now offer clear PET film rolls for the production of face shields. Roll weight is approximately 100kgs, and custom widths are available on request. They are available in 300/400/500micron and 610-650mm roll widths. Hand sanitiser, which is sold in 5 litre units, and manufactured to WHO recommended guidelines, can be added to any order.

There is also a huge opportunity for printing companies to generate revenue during this difficult time, as millions of health and safety posters and training manuals will need to be printed, laminated/bound/rimmed in the coming weeks.

Press Products provide:

– Print-ready poster designs for health and safety posters.
– Supply of laminating and encapsulating films.
– Supply of laminating machines.
– Supply of binding materials for manuals.
– Supply of binding machines for the production of manuals.
– Rims and rimming for cost-effective display of health and safety posters.
– Supply of A4 PVC clear covers for production of face shields.

The virus can survive on a surface for up to nine days. With encapsulation, prints can easily be cleaned using antibacterial spray. Printers can make their own washable posters, menus, dry-wipe signs or checklists safer.

Encapsulation creates safe and hygienic documents for use in all environments in these critical times. Documents encapsulated with a sealed edge can even be put through a dishwasher or sterilising system, giving documents a professional and safe finish. Laminating pouches provide superior protection and professional style to the most important projects and documents.

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