Pageflex has released Pageflex iWay 6.0, which offers new features for printers who seek to grow their business. The range of new features included in iWay 6.0 go beyond productivity and give printers the tools they need to expand their business by offering new services and serving new geographic regions.

Pageflex iWay is known for the way it increases the productivity of printing organisations by consolidating and automating critical steps in the production processes. This new release brings the award-winning Pageflex NuDoc composition engine to Pageflex iWay. Pageflex NuDoc is the technology that powers the sophisticated variable data personalisation offered by other Pageflex products. Bringing variable data capability to Pageflex iWay means that customers can now offer enhanced marketing services while still enjoying the benefits of the workflow automation features available in Pageflex iWay.
Add Functionality With the Order API
With the new Create Order Application Programming Interface (API), printers can meet their customers’ needs for unique workflows by developing custom interfaces that drive orders into iWays Back-end, strengthening and leveraging iWay’s workflow automation. Be it a homegrown storefront or a third party application, the API allows customers to streamline their workflows and orders into iWay.
Expand Internationally
Pageflex iWay 6.0 also includes globalisation features that help printers to better meet the needs of customers who service an international market or who have customers with locations in different countries using different currencies. These features include the ability to send out different emails and notifications in different languages, the ability to handle multiple currencies in one storefront, as well as tools for managing your own translation strings for custom fields.
Keep Pace with Mobile Users
In Pageflex iWay 6.0., print buyers can easily access, personalize and order documents directly from their smart phones.