Duplo International has extended its offering by introducing the FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR binder to its range of finishing equipment. The binder is ideal for producing high quality books in short runs.

This user-friendly, single clamp binder features both PUR and EVA hot melt glues. The PUR glue is dispensed through a unique self-sealing slot nozzle which provides a precise amount of glue down the length of the spine. In addition, the FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR also comes with two active glue applicator discs which apply an even spread of EVA hot melt glue to the side of the book.

We are very excited about launching this product in South Africa and look forward to showing it off at the 2012 Africa Print Expo, taking place from 22-24 August at the Sandton Convention Centre, said Gavin van Rensburg, Chief Executive, Kemtek Print Solutions.

Having both types of glue in one machine means you get the strong bind from the PUR and the quick drying of the hot melt. The benefit of this is that the cover is held firmly in place during the nipping process, and then the finished book can be handled soon after being produced whereas normally you would have to wait for the glue to cure, said Anthony Wells, Product Manager at Duplo International.

As with bigger, standalone PUR perfect binders, the FKS PrintBind KB-4000 PUR is fitted with an integrated PUR tank, meaning no fume extraction is needed. Dry air is also circulated within the tank, making the glue more durable. In addition, this machine comes fitted with an automated cleaning feature which takes only 10 minutes to complete, making it fast and easy to maintain.

Like other machines in the Duplo range, precision automation and user-friendliness are key features. With this in mind, fine adjustments are easily made to all book parameters via an intuitive colour touch screen control. Other features such as the adjustment of glue temperature or the selection of a manual/automatic cycle can also be changed easily through this control.  Make ready takes up to 30 seconds, making it perfect for printers’ tight deadlines, said Wells.