Onset R50i: The Ultimate Production Flatbed


Since 2001, Inca Digital and Fujifilm have collaborated to build outstanding inkjet printers. Based on a thorough understanding of print applications, they combine precision engineering with outstanding ink chemistry. The life-blood of Onset is Uvijet ink. It is manufactured with Fujifilm’s patented Micro-V dispersion process that enables the ink to have a higher pigment concentration. The result is visibly stronger, more vibrant colours, which can be consistently reproduced.

A white ink option is the ideal solution for businesses that produce high-value backlit/frontlit and double-sided day/night POP display graphics where the ability to print high-opacity white as a base, spot colour or top layer quickly and cost effectively is important.

The powerful Onset has established itself as the leading UV flatbed platform for the production of high quality, high impact display graphics with outstanding productivity. The latest generation of Onset printers are built with Inca’s new Scaleable Architecture design, which allows a machine to be tailored to meet individual business needs at the time of initial investment, and then allows for future expansion as business needs change and technology advances.

Onset printers are built to deliver three things important to print firms:

  • Business efficiency: Onset offers better efficiency and productivity, producing like-for-like print quality at higher throughput than any other UV inkjet machine.
  • Business development: Onset enables the production of high run length jobs which until now were not viable by inkjet.
  • Low investment risk: Onset is powerful enough to pay for itself in six months. As a business model it gives owners the opportunity to plan their business with much more confidence.

All Onsets print onto a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials producing stunning, high quality images with high productivity. Onset can produce indoor and outdoor print across a range of applications more efficiently than any other print process.


The latest generation of Inca Onset printers use an innovative modular design that gives Onset owners the power to evolve the productivity and colour configuration of their printer to match changing business needs. By designing Onset with the ability to adapt ink tanks, printheads, UV lamps, automation, speed modes, electronics and software, Inca has set a new versatility standard in high-end flatbed printing.Onset Scaleable Architecture allows owners to keep pace with new technology developments and maximise their return on investment.

There are currently 15 different Onset configurations to choose from, enabling them to choose the right model with the ideal performance and price point for their businesses today. It also fits future business needs – the Onset has the power to evolve to fit your changing needs. Whether you need additional productivity, increased image quality or extra versatility with additional colour configurations, Onset can be modified on site to satisfy all.

Every Inca Onset is built on a very robust chassis with robust electronic control systems, software and drive mechanisms, and uses Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra drop-on-demand inkjet printheads. This combination has proven to be the right investment for hundreds of businesses worldwide.

The Onset R provides super high quality at very high speed for the production of high volume, quality images onto a wide variety of media. Onset R uses a 14 picolitre drop size providing a good balance of quality and volume for the display POP and signage market. Applications include: general in-store display graphics and signage, in-store FSDUs, outdoor signage. Colour options include: 4 colour, 6 colour lights, 4 colour + white, 6 colour lights + white.

Onset printers are the fastest in the world at like for like quality. The technology is world-leading: powerful linear motors and vacuum beds that can hold up to 80kg of media; full width printhead arrays and UV lamp systems allow almost instantly cured print; powerful handling systems ensure phenomenal productivity. Onset’s print engine and fast moving vacuum bed are built on a very robust chassis which enables pin-point drop placement accuracy for billions of drops per second, all day, every day.

Onset is a long term investment. Inca engineering, Fujifilm chemistry and self-monitoring features ensure Onset printers continue to deliver consistent quality and speed for years and scaleable architecture enables your investment to evolve.

– Full-width printhead array: Textural banding is eliminated and the print carriage spans the whole width of the print bed and doesn’t scan across the media. Images do not suffer from textural banding and consistent print means the cost of rejected prints is reduced.
– Full-width UV lamp system: Onset has multiple UV lamps that allow for fast bidirectional print. The system can also vary the UV dosage and produce a range of print finishes from satin to gloss. Only Onset can produce a high speed, high gloss finish.
– Fujifilm Dimatix printheads: Spectra heads have proven their reliability in full production for many years. To get the best throughput from Onset, drop size and placement are precisely calculated to give excellent results at top speed.
– Zoned vacuum flatbed: Onset has an accessible flatbed design for simple loading of rigid materials, with a best-in-class capacity of 80kg and maximum media thickness of 50mm. The vacuum table is divided into 15 independent zones, minimising the amount of bed masking required.


The 3/4 automation system lets you print single sheet, multiple sheet or double sided print in registration. The operator loads material onto a preload table and the system takes over the rest, stacking it on a pallet for easy removal of the printed stack. The system allows the operator immediate, direct access to the bed and registration points for quick switch between manual and semi-automatic work.

An automatic material loading system that is designed to handle all types of display and signage materials. It works in conjunction with the 3/4 handling unit to provide full automation, handling multiple sheets with highly registration. The loader can be moved away from the machine to allow access to the print bed.

The fully automatic handling system is designed for difficult materials like unconditioned corrugated board. Vacuum-to-vacuum transfer ensures precision handling, from the robotic arm pickup, to placement on the print bed and stacking of printed board. When combined with Uvijet inks for corrugated board, this system enables Onset to be used for cost-effective production of
corrugated displays.


Printshop Denver, an associated company to the USS Graphics group, has purchased a Fujifilm Onset R50i. Initially a litho operation, the purchase is part of Printshop Denver's plan to expand its offering to the digital market of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase, including the corrugated market and anything involving construction such as free standing display units and other POP items.

'The success of the Inca Onset R40i installed at our Cape Town facility in early 2015 illustrated to us that this is where we want to be in terms of machinery, as it fits in with both our short and long term vision of where and how we want to tackle the market,' said Louis Burger, Managing Director at USS Graphics.

Fujifilm South Africa are committed to building a long-term partnership with the USS Graphics group and have managed to do so for several years in the lithography side of the business in terms of plates. 'The good service provided by them helped us to choose them as one of our main suppliers in the digital arm of the business,' said Burger. 'No machine installation and integration is seamless, but Fujifilm SA has been available to help at all hours, every day of the week when required which has allowed us to gain priceless insight and knowledge on the machine, from both a technical and a selling perspective. This gives us great peace of mind knowing there are qualified engineers countrywide available to us 24/7.'

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