OKI Unveils C711DW Label Printing System


OKI recently introduced the C711DW, a new digital label press and finishing system. The system uses OKI’s LED printing technology and can handle a variety of media including paper, polyester, vinyl, and adhesive-backed substrates from 16.51cm to 21.59cm (6.5" to 8.5") wide and a maximum outside roll diameter of 35.56cm (14") on a 7.62cm (3") core to meet a wide array of label printing needs.

The C711DW has been designed for ease of use. Its controls are intuitive and easily mastered. There’s no complicated training, environmental, or electrical setup: simply unpack, plug it in, and you’re ready to start printing.

Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for Oki Data Americas said, ‘It truly is a turnkey, end-to-end system. You bring a jump stick with a PDF file on it and you’re printing production quality labels, end-to-end, and you can optionally laminate and digitally die-cut your output.’

The C711DW is part of Oki’s proColor Series, a line of high-impact digital colour printers that serves the graphic arts, production, specialty printing, and imaging technologies industries. Last year, Oki introduced the C900 Series of five-station, full-colour, LED sheetfed printers. The C900 series comprises three models: the entry-level 911, the 931 targeted to print service providers, and the 941, geared for printers who want to add digital printing capabilities.

The C900 series can print on a wide variety of substrates, and includes a fifth station that supports white ink.

‘This lets you use things other than white stock,’ said Egert. ‘I always tell people, if you put yellow on black paper, you get a stain. If I under-print it with white, I get yellow. Now I can use anything from white to black paper and everything in between.’

The fifth station also lets users switch between white and clear ink, the latter for adding enhancements like watermarking, vertical striping, patterns, and so on. ‘Bring your advertisement, your brochure, your invitations to the next level with another layer,’ said Egert.

The C711DW system is yet available in South Africa, for enquiries and future purchases contact OKI SA.

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