OKI Europe Launches AR Showroom


The OKI AR Showroom is a new smartphone app, enabling customers to visualise OKI’s devices as well as high impact visual communications materials in their own environments through the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

Launched at the recent VISCOM Italia and designed for retailers, the app is free to use and language agnostic, ensuring retailers in any country can benefit from its use. AR technology projects images onto the screen of a smartphone or tablet when the device is in camera mode. With augmented reality in the retail market projected to be worth around R113 billion (USD 7951.2 million) by 2023*, the technology is rapidly being adopted by retailers to provide an immersive, real-time, in-store experience for consumers without them having to leave their home or workplace.

OKI Europe is bringing this same immersive experience to the retailers themselves through the OKI AR Showroom. Users can visualise how OKI’s range of High Definition Colour printers combined with ad hoc state of the art software platforms, will fit within their own work environments by aiming their camera at a desk or work surface and selecting an OKI device from the screen.

Furthermore, users can view all of these applications in situ, within their own retail environment.

To download the app, simply visit the App Store and search for ‘OKI AR Showroom’.

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