ColorGATE’s New Products Enable Creative Applications Like Labelling

ColorGATE’s New Products Enable Creative Applications Like Labelling

The new OKI printer range can print white or clear toner, on substrates that go beyond the usual range of digitally printed products, which includes labelling capabilities.

Supporting embellishment and specialist print applications, the Pro9000 Series delivers vibrant, high-quality colour printing on a wide range of media. ColorGATE’s range of products enable new and creative applications with OKI’s Pro9000 series, Pro1040 and Pro1050 LED printers. ColorGATE offers specific functions for commercial printing, print and cut applications, and on-demand production of labels

The toner-based printers can handle media weights of up to 360gsm, in sizes from A6 to SRA3 (and banners up to 1.3m long), on substrate types like: paper, card, kraft, film, gloss, synthetic, polyester substrates and magnetic.

To this flexible and powerful hardware concept, ColorGATE adds the RIP and colour management workflow that unleashes the full potential of professional, creative and profitable applications, with a focus on automation, workflow integration and advanced colour management. Six different configurations of ColorGATE’s modular Productionserver have been tailored to particular applications. All of them enable colour-accurate printing including validation prints, efficient data handling with hot folders and containers, and nesting and tiling. ColorGATE’s driver technology for the OKI systems also contains a newly developed raster technology that optimises the print quality throughout all tonal values.

The ColorGATE Productionserver for OKI Pro 4C supports the OKI Pro9431dn. It is the most affordable way to add advanced efficiency to the OKI printer and contains several automation and colour features such as spot colour libraries, hot folder support, linearisation and ColorGATE’s Media Device Synchronisation that ‘resets’ the print system to a defined colour state.

The ColorGATE Productionserver for OKI Pro 5C does the same for the OKI Pro9541dn and the Pro9542dn. In addition, it contains ColorGATE’s Profiler module so OKI users can create their own ICC profiles for highly accurate colour under all circumstances.

The ColorGATE Productionserver for OKI Hybrid Printing supports the OKI Pro9541dn and the Pro9542dn includes support for an additional LFP device (any ‘Category 1’ printer supported by ColorGATE) and that way enables hybrid production: while brochures, flyers and labels are produced swiftly and efficiently on the OKI, colour-matched banners and posters can be printed on the LFP device.

The ColorGATE Productionserver for OKI Print then Cut drives the OKI Pro9541dn and the Pro9542dn as well but also contains support for various cutting devices. This edition aims at producers of mock-ups or small print runs of packaging items such as folding cartons or labels. It can generate cutting and positioning marks, as well as barcodes as part of the print. It can also add a layer of white under the marks and that way supports printing on coloured, reflective and transparent substrates.

The ColorGATE Productionserver for OKI label printing takes label printing one level further: while it contains the same integration of cutting devices as the Print then Cut configuration, it supports the roll printing functionality of the OKI Pro1040 and Pro1050. The software offers flexible ways of printing labels on rolls, as well as on specially pre-cut label materials, a container feature to merge different designs in one job. The seamless arrangement of labels minimises waste and enables digital label production on demand.


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