Videojet Technologies Launches New Laser Canning Solution

Videojet Technologies Launches New Laser Canning Solution
Lightfoot™ canning solution.

Purpose-built for beverages, the Lightfoot™ canning solution is designed with robust components including IP69 rated marking heads and an IP65 rated supply cabinet that can easily handle humid, sugar-laden or washdown environments.

The advanced laser canning solution combines the standard reliability of a Videojet fibre laser with the speed of dual Lightfoot™ marking heads to meet the demanding production needs of beverage canning manufacturers. Featuring dual Lightfoot™ marking heads seamlessly integrated with one software control, the solution is able to reach marking speeds of up to 100,000 cans per hour.

The all-in-one solution includes a class 1 sealed enclosure so users can ensure operators are safe from any optical radiation while an integrated fume extractor keeps operators protected from harmful aluminium dust and fumes. A modular beam shield fits around the conveyor belt so users can easily integrate the solution onto their line. The marking head air knife keeps the beam exit window clean of dust or dirt build-up. Standard industry protocols enable users to connect to common line integration or code management systems.

Fibre laser technology is a clean, safe alternative to a traditional inkjet coding solution. With minimal maintenance and no ink or solvents, manufacturers can benefit from superior uptime. Additionally, fibre laser codes are precise and permanent so users can consistently meet customer quality requirements. For manufacturers looking to evolve their production coding to laser technology, the Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution makes the switch seamless.


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