OKI Helps Companies Gain Control Of Organisational Printing Environment


According to OKI, Managed Print Software (MP Software) involves more than just replacing the current software used by the organisation. Through employing Managed Print Services (MPS), organisations can enjoy the rewarding benefits of Managed Print Services, including MP Software. The first stage of employing an MPS provider incorporates a critical analysis, to scan the current printing practices of your organisation.

Through this process, your chosen MPS provider can identify where printing costs within the organisation are the highest, and also eliminate unnecessary printing costs. Once this process has carefully and critically been conducted, the organisation is setup with a complete printing fleet, ensured to produce cost reductions for the organisation.

MPS also allow for organisations to strategically assume control of the organisational printing environment, ensuring an even further cost reduction. MP Software promotes the printing reductions of the organisation through monitoring the organisational print jobs. An added bonus of MPS is that the chosen MPS provider is responsible for all printing fleet consumables and regular services of all the printing fleets of the organisation as per the MPS agreement.

MPS is designed to ensure that organisations focus on the core of the business, enhancing the overall productivity of the organisation, while the MPS provider ensures that the printing fleets of the organisations are maintained and in working order for the organisation.

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