FutureBook Innovation Awards Recognises Ricoh’s Clickable Paper


The Booksellers’ FutureBook Innovation Awards 2014 has shortlisted Ricoh’s Clickable Paper, the interactive print solution that unites print and digital seamlessly through a mobile app.
Ricoh Clickable Paper can make just about any printed item interactive with the innovative use of image recognition software. It allows publishers to keep in step with on-the-go consumers as their use of mobile devices rapidly increases. Earlier in the year, TechCrunch reported that consumers are now spending two hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices.
Jean Lloyd, executive GM for production print at Ricoh SA said, ‘Clickable Paper includes rich media links that can go just about anywhere: photos, videos, websites, e-commerce portals, social networks and even phone-based actions like making a call, sending an email or opening a map. Users can download the free app from iTunes or Google Play, allowing them to experience digital content by scanning printed images.’
Benoit Chatelard, GM of solutions at Ricoh Europe said, ‘We are delighted that Clickable Paper is being recognised by the FutureBook Innovation Awards. Before Clickable Paper, the most popular option to unit print and digital was a QR code but these unsightly and unappealing codes are also extremely limited. Clickable Paper provides one-touch access to multiple links such as product information, reviews, downloadable extras and more. The technology has really captured the imagination of publishers and we are expecting to announce some exciting partnerships in the next six months.’
Julian Barnwell, MD of Barnwell Print, which uses Clickable Paper said, ‘We have had a lot of experience with QR codes in the past, so when we saw Ricoh’s Clickable Paper solution last year we immediately recognised its enormous potential. Clickable Paper is a far more intelligent and dynamic product than QR technology: in fact it’s QR codes on steroids. For us it moves the interactivity proposition several steps on from QR codes. Effectively, Clickable Paper enables publications to be used as a portal to direct readers to all kinds of extra information or entertainment via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.’
Overall winners will be announced at The Bookseller’s FutureBook Conference, being held at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London on 14th November 2014.

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