New 0800 PRINTING Call Centre Service Secures Free Real Leads For Print Shops


0800 PRINTING will launch a printing, packaging, signage and labelling Call Centre Service. The service allows printers to register easily-recognisable ‘word numbers’ to attract clients looking for print, packaging, signage and labels.

The Call Centre not only benefits printers listed with the service, but callers who are trying to find printers in their area. The easy-to-remember FreeCall numbers will connect callers to a call centre, where experienced and trained operators will recommend the right printer for them.

The numbers are:


The printer selects the number he wants for his area and registers that number for a specific type of service, for example, 0800 PRINTING for brochures in City Deep. This number is then registered to that printer in City Deep specifically for brochure printing. All calls are linked through a central call centre and then routed to that printer.

The benefit of this system is two-fold. The buyer of print knows from the listing that he is going to be connected with a printer in his area of choice for the service which he is specifically looking for. Secondly, the printer knows that the calls which are directed to him are real potential customers who he can service with his expertise.

Subscribers can book and reserve more than one area and more than one application depending on their geographic spread and the number of applications they are able to handle. It is for this reason that all the numbers listed above are only available on a first come, first served basis.

The numbers will be advertised in a variety of different locations and using different media. This will include internet-based advertising, airport advertising at all airports in South Africa, advertising in all LSM-A and certain LSM-B malls around the country and at a total of 56 leading golf courses across South Africa.

To learn about the advantages of the Call Centre, visit:

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