Ricoh SA has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with software solutions provider Winking bvba to provide the Print&Share printer driver. The announcement forms part of a Belgian economic mission to South Africa headed up by Her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium.

This agreement formally includes Ricoh SA in the agreement established between Winking bvba and Ricoh Europe, under which Ricoh SA falls, said Richard Pinker, MD of Ricoh SA.

Winking is a software manufacturer of virtual printer drivers, said Anthony Ho, manager of the product solutions and support division at Ricoh SA. Its intelligent Print&Share printer driver enables any documents to be converted into business processes and, based on the printed document type or the content of the documents, can add, remove and select information and convert a print job to connect to different environments.

Signing this agreement with Ricoh SA has concluded our partnership from north to south in Ricoh’s EMEA region, says Gerdi Staelens, MD and founder of Winking bvba. I’m excited to bring Print&Share to South African businesses because they can benefit equally well from the time savings, cost-cutting, efficiency and environmental benefits.

Businesses often create many different versions of the same document, to be shared with diverse audiences. However, adding different logos, terms and conditions and other variable details before distribution can turn simple jobs into major tasks. Print&Share is a cost effective solution that automates customisations and uses the full potential of printers while simplifying document distribution via e-mail, print, fax or digital formats – with a single click.

The driver is suitable for small and medium sized businesses with low setup costs and very short installation times. It works with all existing software and is universally applicable while supporting a wide range of communications methods.