Netflorist Upgrades Printing Capabilities With Xerox Production Press

Netflorist Upgrades Printing Capabilities With Xerox Production Press

According to NetFlorist, the Xerox Versant 180 press from Altron Document Solutions and channel partner XBC-IT has been able to eliminate many troubles previously faced by the nationwide e-commerce phenomenon.

Alongside in-house production and stock versatility, the full service and maintenance agreement with XBC-IT allows NetFlorist the peace of mind to spread their roots even further, with fewer thorns to remove in the process. Having a service partner who is responsive and resolves issues timeously is a huge benefit to the gifting company.

With this boost in printing ability, NetFlorist’s printed products (such as cards and packaging) can be created in-house, with ‘blooming’ amazing results. The new Xerox Versant 180 press will allow NetFlorist to sow the seeds of further success and grow their in-house capabilities.

With advanced colour calibration and device reliability, NetFlorist can reduce the amount of print products they outsource – with lower costs per print and improved print quality across a wide variety of print applications. NetFlorist has increased their productivity by printing the amount ordered, when needed and in turn saving money and improving turnaround time, thus getting orders out quicker.

This is essential as NetFlorist is launching exciting new photographic products that will take full advantage of their new press. With photobooks and new photo-related products in-store, it was the ideal time for NetFlorist to upgrade their printing capabilities.

The Xerox Versant 180 is an industry-standard production press that features some of Xerox’s key technologies, including Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toner, a 2400 x2400 dpi engine with 10-bit RIP and an advanced Compact Belt Fuser that provides just the right amount of consistent heat and pressure for a given stock.

Rated to print at 80ppm on stocks up to 350gsm, the Xerox Versant 180 press features an X-Rite Inline Spectrophotometer that automates colour calibration, eliminating guesswork and saving time on complex designs. It also features Xerox’s Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) functionality that automates three critical components of the print job throughout the run: image-to-media alignment, image transfer adjustment and density uniformity adjustment.

‘What we’ve identified for Netflorist with the Xerox Versant 180 – given the company is such a high-profile, high-volume and high-quality brand – is a machine that delivers consistently regardless of demand,’ said XBC-IT Production Systems Specialist Chris Stoltz.

Jonathan Hackner, co-founder and CEO of NetFlorist, believes the change to Xerox has been most beneficial. With the increase in order volumes, individual printing costs becomes an important factor in daily operations. The impressive print quality, speed and variety of printing mediums allows NetFlorist to have greater control over what their customers receive. The improved efficiency of in-house production means impressed customers, happy staff members and an even more impressive bottom line.

NetFlorist is already considering further investment in additional Xerox equipment. With an optimal production environment, there is an opportunity to upgrade and add additional equipment as requirements increase. With exceptional performance and customer relations, Jonathan Hackner is confident to refer to Xerox and their partner XBC-IT as NetFlorist’s supplier of choice.

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