InsideData Strengthens Digital And Print Offering With Uniprint Acquisition

InsideData Strengthens Digital And Print Offering With Uniprint Acquisition
Jeff van der Watt, CEO of InsideData Group

Durban-based Uniprint has a proud track record of servicing clients across Africa for the past 95 years. With the acquisition of Uniprint, InsideData is adding a comprehensive and specialised litho print solution to its offering, which provides printing capability for elections, security documents, tickets and tags, pre-paid vouchers, gaming cards, thermal printing and much more. 

Effective customer communication management (CCM) across the customer journey is a vital part of any successful business today. The Uniprint acquisition enables InsideData to offer a complete, effective, continuous and seamless communication solution across multiple channels and customer touchpoints. The acquisition not only enhances InsideData’s print and digital communication solution offerings but also expands its footprint into Africa.

According to Jeff van der Watt, CEO of InsideData Group, ‘We are on a journey to help businesses create more meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels, which makes their customer communication more effective, targeted and measurable – thereby driving return on customer communication investment.’

‘As always, it remains our top priority to empower our clients to reach their customers. If our clients can communicate effectively and build strong relationships with their customers, the result is an unmatched customer experience that underpins customer retention, loyalty and sustainable bottom line growth. This is what keeps us motivated to continuously grow and evolve our business and our team to give our customers the best we can. The Uniprint acquisition is very much a part of this relentless focus on complementary best-of-breed solutions.’

Key CCM benefits derived as a result of the acquisition:

• Optimised customer engagement and communication.
• Access to seamless service and support.
• Reduction of operational costs and minimised wasteful expenditure.
• Trackable customer communication.
• Return on marketing investment.
• Customer retention and, ultimately, increased customer revenue.
• Personalised solutions that drive customer loyalty.

‘Our customers understand that communication management is a critical component of delivering an engaging and successful customer experience. We are excited about the Uniprint acquisition because it strengthens and streamlines our digital and print offering across the continent,’ said van der Watt. ‘We are always eager to explore and seize opportunities to improve our client offering and are excited about the impact our enhanced customer communication management solution will have on our customers’ bottom line.’


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