Mondi Extends NAUTILUS Green Paper Range


All NAUTILUS papers are part of Mondi’s Green Range, are FSC certified and carry the EU Ecolabel. As a 100% recycled paper, NAUTILUS Classic additionally features a Blue Angel certification. The range is available in 10 substances from 70 to 350g/sqm and sheet formats for offset printing, as well as in reels, SRA3, A3 and A4.

Mondi has taken action to address the shortage of uncoated recycled fine paper in Europe. Mondi’s uncoated recycled fine paper brand NAUTILUS has been extended to include a full portfolio for professional print and office applications. Leading distributors have partnered with Mondi to make the paper available to customers across Europe and beyond. To meet market demand, Mondi’s Neusiedler mill has a good supply of fast moving recycled paper grades and formats in stock to ensure quick delivery and long-term availability of NAUTILUS.

Johannes Klumpp, marketing and sales director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper said, ‘With the new and improved NAUTILUS mill brand, we prove our commitment to the recycled paper market. When it comes to consistent quality, service, delivery times and long-term availability, recycled papers now match the standard of premium papers made from virgin fibre.’

NAUTILUS SuperWhite combines the benefits of a 100% recycled paper with a whiteness level expected from fresh fibre office papers (150 CIE). Along with its strong haptic appeal, NAUTILUS SuperWhite features unusually clean surface qualities leading to a unique visual appeal. Folio format and reels are available from 80 to 350g/sqm and office formats in 80g/sqm.

NAUTILUS Classic is a 100% recycled paper, combining a bulky touch and feel with high opacity and a natural recycled look (112 CIE). It is available in folio formats and reels from 70 to 300 g/sqm, as well as A4 and A3 in 80g/sqm.

NAUTILUS for high-speed inkjet: both NAUTILUS SuperWhite and Classic are also available in a surface-treated quality optimised for high-speed inkjet printing. These are suitable for dye as well as pigment inks.

NAUTILUS ReFresh is a three-layered 30% recycled paper. A fully recycled layer in the middle is covered by outer layers made from FSC certified totally chlorine-free fresh fibres. The so-called TRIOTEC process enables a whiteness level of 161 CIE for this 80 g/sqm office paper.


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