The second edition of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) has kicked off and is open for entries. The LLPA is an incredible opportunity for the graphic arts community to recognize the growing importance of lenticular imaging as a product differentiator and a mechanism for ensuring that promotional efforts stand out from the crowd. 

Organized in the context of the drupa Messe, with the support of drupa innovation park (dip) and drupa print media fair 2012, the name Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) supported by drupa 2012 has been adopted for this year’s edition. The LLPA has specifically been created to reward and encourage companies and individuals in the development and use of lenticular printing throughout the marketing and communication mix.

The award is an initiative of DP Lenticular and www.lenstar.org, an organisation committed to bringing the latest information on lenticular and new direct-to-lens lenticular printing technologies. This year’s edition of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award also benefits from the support of Fujifilm, Heidelberg and Océ.


The LLPA 2012 is open to any individual or corporate entity, active in the field of creation, preparation and printing of graphic material (photography, illustration,…) directly printed on the back of a lenticular sheet with the exception of the artistic project. Each participating individual or company is entitled to enter no more than a total of three pieces, and only one piece per category. All lenticular effects such as flips, animation, zoom, morphing and 3D effects qualify for the award, but must be printed (offset or digital) directly onto the back of lenticular sheets with the exception of the artistic project.

Each participating piece or item is submitted to an administration fee of R605 (€60.50) for all categories including VAT. All applications and materials must arrive no later than April 16, 2012 to be eligible for the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award.

The results of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award supported by drupa 2012 will be announced on the second day of drupa (4 May 2012) at the drupa innovation park at 5 pm during the award ceremony. The announcement will also be made by way of a press release and the LLPA website http://www.lenstarlenticularprintaward.org. The winners for each of the six categories will receive an LLPA Trophy created by Dublin Crystal and an official certificate delivered by the President of the jury, and signed by all jury members.

The winner of the Supreme Public Preference Award will be made public shortly after the exhibition in the week of 21 May 2012.


To cover the entirety of applications for which lenticular images are suited, six different categories have been defined. There will be one winner (award) for each of the six different categories.

– Sales material: Merchandising products such as postcards, posters, etc.

– Premium promotional material: Objects, magnets, gadgets, accessories, gimmicks, etc.

– Packaging material: Book or magazine covers, CD, DVD, in-pack content, partial or full on-pack content, other packaging, etc.

– Promotional material: Point of Sales or Point of Purchase such as poster, shelf tag, wobbler, display, aisle decoration, face frames, etc.

– Large Format: Any format between 711 x 1016mm (28 x 40 inches) and 1219 x 1828mm (48 x 72 inches) Produced in offset or digital.

– Artistic Project: created to be considered as a work of art.

To ensure the highest possible standards and integrity, the members of the jury are chosen from a group of recognised professionals involved in the creation, production, and promotion of printing. Final judging will take place on April 18, 2012.

Next to the official judging, there will also be a Public Prize. Visitors will be invited to vote during the drupa show. The public’s favourite will receive the LLPA Supreme Public Preference Award.

Judging criteria

Entries are judged based on the following criteria: creation (relevance and impact of the message, and originality), technical prepress (DPI quality, depth), technical printing (colour registration, phasing, and colorimetric profiling).

Drupa is held in the Messe exhibition complex in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 3 to 16 May 2012.

For more information, please visit: www.lenstarlenticularprintaward.org

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