As part of a company-wide drive to reduce the use of packaging materials, Fujifilm has developed an even more environmentally friendly packaging product for its UVivid Flexo JD inks.

The inks offers a significant number of environmental and operational benefits to Fujifilm distributors and customers. These include:

– A reduction in cardboard packaging, resulting in less waste to be disposed of by customers.
– Use of an UN-approved metal container which is tightly secured during transport but can easily be opened when needed.
– Containers which can be securely re-sealed with a ring clamp. This means that containers can be opened, colour matches prepared and containers tightly re-sealed so that the contents can be poured without spillage.
– The UN approved container requires no additional packaging for onward shipping from distribution points to customers.
– Empty containers are easy to recycle and can be crushed for efficient storage in transit to recycling points.

Jon Harper-Smith, marketing manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe, said, Fujifilm is, and always has been, committed to the environment, and by making some changes to the way in which we package our ink products we can reduce the impact we have on our planet. We are delighted that our newly packaged inks are now available and we are confident that this move will be well received by our customers and distributors alike.