Konica Minolta UK has been given the prestigious Green Apple Award in recognition of its innovative programme to assist customers to reduce their carbon footprint. The awards are organised by the Green Organisation, an independent, non-profit environment group dedicated to promoting environmental conservation.   

The aim of the awards is to recognise, reward and promote environmental best-practice. Konica Minoltas awards submission for the OPS Green Audit Process was considered by a panel of judges against criteria including environmental benefit, innovation and economic benefit. The award was presented at a ceremony held in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.

As part of the OPS Green Audit Process, Konica Minolta aims to reduce customer print fleets and volumes by installing improved efficiency devices, to reduce the environmental impact of customers document production, with the consequent benefit of reducing operating costs. Customer businesses typically do not have the in-house skills or knowledge to ascertain their current environmental performance. 

Following a successful OPS Green Audit Process, Konica Minolta UK can calculate the amount of energy, paper and toner used by customer devices. From this information, the company is able to determine the amount of carbon dioxide generated. The project is a holistic approach to the customers document workflow needs, encompassing every facet of the process, including environmental impact, as part of the companys customer intimate approach.

In 2009, Konica Minolta UK received the Green Apple Award for its efforts with local communities on an educational programme to enhance environmental awareness of children in the region. Additionally, the company was chosen as a Green Hero 2010 by the Green Organisation, the special honour reserved for previous Green Apple Award winners that go the extra mile for environmental commitment and awareness.

The Konica Minolta Groups long-term environmental vision, Eco Vision 2050, declares the Groups intention to reach certain goals by the year 2050 to fulfill its responsibility as a global corporation by contributing to a sustainable earth and human societies. Aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the product life cycle by 80 percent compared to 2005 levels, the Group has been implementing innovative initiatives worldwide.

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