Kemtek Celebrates 35th Birthday

Kemtek Celebrates 35th Birthday

Kemtek has been in business for 35 years. Founded in 1988, this timeframe has included significant change in the environment in which they operate, and in the services and solutions they offer.

Beginning life as Kemtek Imaging Systems, the company has evolved from an equipment supplier into a trusted solutions partner across multiple industries, including Auto ID, digital printing, additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

A key pillar of Kemtek’s ongoing success story has been their ability to forge enduring relationships with technology partners, suppliers, resellers and customers. These relationships are based on trust, a shared commitment to excellence, and a determination to leverage the potential of innovative technologies.

Consistent innovation in people (both internally, and in partnership with stakeholders via training programmes at the Kemtek Centre of Excellence at the company’s Johannesburg headquarters) has enabled Kemtek to push boundaries and unlock new revenue streams for customers.

Kemtek has consistently introduced and championed innovations that have played a role in transforming business in South Africa and beyond. These include 2D barcoding and RFID in the Auto ID space, and AI-enabled technologies that are helping people to work smarter rather than harder.

’35 years in business is an achievement that we can be justifiably proud of,’ commented Mags Govender, Kemtek’s Head of Marketing. ‘The credit belongs to all the partners who have walked this journey with us, and as we express our gratitude to them, we’re also looking forward eagerly to the next 35 years, and beyond,’ he added.

The exponential growth of ecommerce, the work from home revolution, and the shift in consumer trust away from established brands and towards start-ups and other small enterprises has presented both challenges and opportunities, all of which the Kemtek team has been able to meet head-on.

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