How UV-LED Curing Saves Costs And The Environment

How UV-LED Curing Saves Costs And The Environment

Focus Label Machinery Ltd. writes that a reduction in energy usage is only one way that a UV-LED equipped press can slash your business’s costs in the printing process. By achieving cost savings across several areas, including maintenance and your organisation’s environmental impact, your business can anticipate deeper, more sustainable savings that will help to shore up your profits, even in times of economic turmoil.

With the soaring price of wholesale energy threatening to upend many businesses’ financial forecasts, demand for more sustainable and cost-effective printing practices is growing. UV-LED curing technology is already proving to deliver greater sustainability over traditional methods, such as mercury UV curing and IR Drying systems, but there are also some irresistible cost savings of upgrading your printing press.

Energy use

The limited energy capacity in factories can be an issue for many businesses, often limiting growth opportunities. The good news is a UV-LED equipped press consumes considerably less energy than one installed with conventional mercury UV curing lamps. On average, a mercury UV curing lamp uses 70 per cent more electricity during operation, mainly due to the excessive heat that it produces – much of which is lost during the printing and curing process. In comparison, UV-LED lamps produce less heat and, therefore, require much less energy. So upgrading to a UV-LED drying system may open expansion possibilities.


With an appropriate programme of servicing and maintenance, the lifespan of an LED curing lamp can exceed 60,000 hours, which is more than 40 times that of traditional UV mercury lamps. By upgrading to an LED-UV curing system for your printing processes, you can virtually eliminate the cost of the regular replacement of mercury lamps. UV-LED curing systems are also cheaper to maintain as there are fewer moving components in LED curing units that require regular service or replacement.

Fume extraction

Mercury UV lamps produce a potent mixture of potentially harmful gases and ozone, including mercury, which is known to be toxic. Where mercury UV curing is carried out, an effective fume extraction system must be installed and regularly serviced to safeguard the health and wellbeing of machine operatives. UV-LED curing systems, in comparison, produce no ozone or mercury vapours, so no fume extraction solutions are required, saving additional energy costs. Also, your business can be relieved of the costs of safely and legally disposing of redundant mercury lamps when the time comes for them to be replaced.


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