GMG Software Solution Wins Awards


GMG ColorCard is a cloud-based software solution to quickly and easily create and print colour cards as visual ink colour references based on advanced spectral technology. It recently won the Label Industry Global Award 2020 Award for Innovation (for companies with up to 300 employees) – for the second year running.

It has also received the prestigious 2020 InterTech Technology Award. Overseen by the Printing United Alliance, the InterTech Technology Awards have honoured, since 1978, the development of technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries.

Label Industry Global Award 2020

The awards jury consists of industry experts from the label and packaging industry, and the criteria of the competition are as varied as they are demanding. Starting with the general degree of innovation, what counts most are the practical effects and economic aspects. However, topics such as energy efficiency and sustainability are also taken into account in the jury’s decision.

The winning team is managed by Rainer Schmitt, Head of Strategy and Product Management at GMG, who is particularly pleased that a solution from GMG was chosen for the second time in succession. ‘We are incredibly proud that we were able to convince them with a solution that makes packaging printing much more efficient – the future of colour reference is digital,’ said Schmitt.

GMG ColorCard gives users the opportunity to digitally create physical colour cards in the shortest possible time. The innovative solution provides secure colour references with spectral data-based precision. With GMG ColorCard, time-consuming coordination cycles about the feasibility of a brand colour can be drastically reduced. Tolerances can be agreed with the customer prior to production, thus increasing efficiency not only in the colour kitchen, but also on the press. The smart solution replaces numerous manual steps and can reproduce spot colours on different paper qualities accurately and repeatably.

2020 InterTech Technology Award

According to James Workman, vice president of technology and research for Printing United Alliance, the judges were swayed by the GMG ColorCard ability to take time and cost out of the workflow, since producing and sending out multiple drawdowns for evaluation is labour intensive. They also liked that the system ensures digital precision and repeatability, and importantly, doesn’t require special expertise.

‘In addition to our dedication to colour management science, GMG always looks for new applications where our expertise can make life easier for anyone in the graphics production supply chain. It is what drove us to develop GMG ColorCard,’ commented Schmitt. ‘We are thrilled that the organisation has acknowledged that GMG ColorCard has filled a void in the ink kitchen, and has awarded the product an InterTech Technology Award.’


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