Excellent Customer Service Is Now More Critical Than Ever

Excellent Customer Service Is Now More Critical Than Ever
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According to Liezle Barrie, National Sales Manager of Consumables at Intamarket Graphics, with the explosion of social networking websites and review platforms, consumers now have an even greater impact on an organisation’s reputation, compared to before.

Now they can readily share their customer experiences, whether positive or negative, with the entire world, in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, 61% of consumers, globally, agree that they would switch to a competitor after just one poor customer service experience.

Each organisation develops its own set of customer service standards, but the basis is built on core customer service values such as speed, transparency, and empathy. However, a successful organisation responds to the ever-changing landscape and demands of its customers. An organisation that manages to maintain a sense of urgency will prove better able to make decisions rapidly, effectively, and in the best interests of its customers. This corroborates why 46% of consumers expect faster and more efficient problem resolutions when dealing with an organisation’s customer service department.

A sense of urgency may improve an organisation’s agility and responsiveness to change. A sense of urgency doesn’t necessarily mean to work faster or longer. Working smarter and more effectively on the most vital tasks and responsibilities is essential. It also entails making rapid decisions. According to Zendesk, 81% of consumers believe that a positive customer experience increases their chances of making another purchase.

Customer satisfaction and a sense of urgency are inextricably connected. If an organisation fails to meet a customer’s expectations, it will be reflected in their initial and current customer retention rates. That’s how black and white it is. Nothing frustrates customers more than poor or inadequate customer service. If a company is unable to deliver on its promises of quality and experience, it must be considered to be a breach of contract. Similarly, attention to detail, exceptional service and an organisation’s attempts to go above and beyond the ordinary to offer the extraordinary are what genuinely create a world-class brand.

Furthermore, organisations are going to want to strive to prevent even one bad customer experience, lest it is amplified and tarnishes their brand. Word-of-mouth marketing has two aspects to it, it not only has the potential to increase marketing and generate revenue, but it also has the power to do the opposite, especially if it is the consequence of a bad customer experience. According to Salesforce, six out of every ten consumers share negative experiences with friends, family, or even online.

There is an old proverb that says the only constant in life is change. However, it appears that this rate of change is intensifying. That is why, now more than ever, a sense of urgency is vital. Organisations must be able to react promptly to changes in the marketplace in the current fast-paced landscape. A sense of urgency may assist organisations to stay focused and motivated while also allowing them to complete tasks more quickly.

In a market where customers are presented with a vast variety of options, organisations must convey a sense of urgency now more than ever. Customers want organisations to be responsive and attentive, and they are ready to move their business elsewhere if they do not feel heard.

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