Epson Re-Equips And Reopens Inkjet Innovation Lab

Epson Re-Equips And Reopens Inkjet Innovation Lab

Epson’s Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab at its Fujimi Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, which first opened in October 2019, was created to promote the exploration of new inkjet printing applications in manufacturing in collaboration with a variety of partners.

The re-equipped Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab is part of Epson’s strategy to expand applications for printhead-based solutions in new markets and to accelerate innovation in its customers’ printing and production processes.

The Lab has been newly outfitted with direct-to-surface colour inkjet printers along with facilities for performing tests using Epson’s inkjet printheads. Furnished with other new facilities such as a meeting area and a studio that can broadcast a view of tests performed, the Lab is spacious, open and conducive to the growth of ideas.

Used mainly for conventional printing applications until now, Epson’s inkjet printheads also show promise in new fields such as electronics and bioprinting. The Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab is equipped with inkjet machines for R&D mounted with these printheads, as well as a battery of other machines, instruments and tools for running trial production and evaluations.

Inkjet systems eliminate much of the waste associated with traditional production methods and are expected to transform the way companies manufacture, which is especially important given today’s increased focus on sustainability. Epson will continue to drive the creation of new value that contributes to a more sustainable world through the Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab and through co-creation with partners from a variety of fields.


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