Enfocus updated Switch 11 Web Services module forms part of the new Enfocus Switch 11 range of Smart Automation tools and extends ‘Smart Automation’ to local and remote internet users. The module allows users of Switch 11 to build secure, Browser-based interfaces into a Switch workflow environment for job submission, file upload, review and approval.

Intelligently connecting customers and remote resources with employees and internal workflows is vital to ensure business processes are efficient and effective. The Web Services Module enables any web browser to become the front-end to a Web-to-Print portal, a document or digital asset management system or any other process automated by Switch. Any file types can be uploaded into Switch-based workflows for additional processing or format conversion, automated routing and distribution to relevant workgroups or individuals, output to internal print queues, archival purposes or even delivery to another location or provider.

The Web Services Module is a powerful addition to any Enfocus Switch solution, said Elli Cloots, Director of Product Management. Our users are always looking for a way to more efficiently interact with their own customers and Enfocus provides the tools they need to streamline their production. By automating job submission, review and approval processes on their websites, our users free up time to concentrate on the quality of their services and seek out new business opportunities. This makes the Switch Web Services Module an addition that offers both immediate and long term ROI.

Collect job information as files are uploaded into a Switch workflow
The Web Services Module enables service providers to collect job information from forms that are automatically displayed when a user accesses the job submission Web page. The Smart Forms feature in Switch optionally displays specific form fields based on values in other fields already completed. Form fields are defined within the Switch interface to require specific formats, remember prior values, or be displayed as read only and changes are updated automatically on the Web pages. Access to job upload pages can be optionally controlled via user name and password credentials, and user-based access can also be specified for remote reviewing, approval and routing of jobs.

Create Web interfaces using industry-standard tools
The Web Services Module allows users to easily build custom web interfaces into their Switch workflows based on the Simple Language Access Protocol (SOAP). Examples Web interfaces built with PHP are included in the Module and demonstrate how to display job submissions, reviews and approvals. The Web Services Module uses SSL to ensure all job information and file content remain secure and confidential, and uploaded files are always automatically compressed during submission to insure optimal user bandwidth consideration.