Johannesburg-based company, Typesetting & Repro Services (T&R), has purchased the first HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press in South Africa to increase productivity and offer a better, faster service to its customers. The additional features of the HP Indigo 7600 will allow T&R to enhance its existing services and offer new and exciting applications to present to customers and potential new business.

The company supplies a variety of applications such as point of purchase material, business cards, annual reports, large format posters and other digital printing and finishing services.

We have sent existing and potential customers examples of work produced on the HP Indigo 7600, and this has already generated a lot of interest, particularly from designers and creative professionals, said Willie Jackson, managing director, Typesetting & Repro Services. We anticipate that our customers will be eager to utilise the unique features of the HP Indigo press, such as raised printing and the white ink, to maximise the impact of their corporate and marketing materials – the results printed on black and dark-coloured media are staggering.

The company will still operate its previously installed HP Indigo press 5000, but acknowledges that the capabilities of HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press far surpass the older machine.

The HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press offers speeds of up to 160 colour pages per minute in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), making it one of the fastest two-page digital sheet-fed press available on the market, and enabling T&R to offer customers quick turnaround times.

The press also boasts special on-press effects, which open new opportunities for high value applications, offering outstanding differentiation to print service providers. With the ability to print on thicker substrates as well as the special effects like raised printing, watermarks and white ink, T&R will be able to offer customers the opportunity to be more creative when printing digitally.

We are certain the new HP Indigo press will give us a great advantage over our competitors. The ability to do short and longer runs allows us more flexibility and the speeds of the HP Indigo 7600 will enable us to do more work in a normal shift, but still offer quicker delivery times, said Jackson.

T&R is committed to investing in the latest technology to ensure its customers are receiving the best possible service and to diversify the business and maintain its competitive edge.

The HP Indigo is one of the best digital presses on the market today, and we are glad to be adding it to our production facility. Our company ethos is to ‘continuously raise the bar’ and the acquisition of the HP Indigo 7600 will most certainly enable us to meet this objective for many months to come, said Jackson.