ColorLogic Announces New Software Version

ColorLogic Announces New Software Version

ZePrA 11 Smart Color Server focuses on optimising and automating printing data to deliver smoother Multicolor workflows and high-quality spot colour conversions for better sustainability.

The Minimize Output Channel feature is the standout improvement of ZePrA 11. It creates and analyses multiple profile variants to determine the best profile for the job that uses the least number of channels for spot colour conversions, saves ink and reduce click costs. This feature automatically adjusts to process multiple jobs with different spot colours.

The advanced spot colour conversion methods is further improved for enhanced accuracy, including methods for achieving a visual match and using the least number of channels. Additionally, a new Prefer CMYK feature is now available, which allows spot colours to be converted to the CMYK component of a Multicolor profile. This is especially helpful when using the Minimize Output Channel option.

ZePrA produces immediate results working standalone, in conjunction with other ColorLogic solutions, or integrated into sophisticated workflow systems such as HYBRID CLOUDFLOW and Enfocus Switch for automation using the Command Line Interface. Intelligent automation and state-of-the-art workflows can be set up with the new ZePrA Connector available as a module for CLOUDFLOW. The CLI has significant improvements, which further enhances the speed and efficiency of processing files. The new ZePrA version, upgraded Callas PDF engine 14 to run faster on the new Macs with ARM processors, resulting in faster processing times for flattening PDF files.

‘We are excited about ZePrA 11’s new customization features. Users can now add their company logo to Spot Colour Reports and personalise report titles. Additionally, with the improved CLI and the great teamwork of HYBRID software and ColorLogic, a new ZePrA Connector for CLOUDFLOW has been created,’ stated Thorsten Braun, CTO of ColorLogic. ‘These options make it easier for users to customize ZePrA 11 to their specific needs and preferences.’


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