Digital Printing Drives Consumer Engagement

Digital Printing Drives Consumer Engagement

Brands and consumers are placing increasing demands on the print service provider (PSP), with higher quality, shorter runs, more versatility and flexibility being required. Digital printing helps to meet these increasing demands, as well as demands for faster time-to-market and cost savings.

PSP’s also need to approach brands with exciting possibilities they can create to meet customers’ demands for something personal and unique. Digital printing is the ideal opportunity to create packaging that targets and engages modern consumers, and it does this by providing:

– Customisation and versioning and limitless editions: delivering experience and creating brand advocates.
– Personalised e-commerce and web-to-print: making consumers part of the brand and thereby leading to emotional investment in the product.
– Event specific: printers can capitalise on moments of social consciousness – what consumers are talking about right now.
– Real-time: seizing the moment and delivering on the ‘I want it now’ experience.

Advances in digital printing technology is impacting the printing industry, with trends including: ‘personalisation, UV ink, high-resolution printers, 3D printing, and flexibility‘. The article further stated that ‘These technologies are making it possible to produce high-quality, customised prints at reasonable prices, making digital printing an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. As technology continues to evolve, digital printing is likely to become even more versatile and innovative.’

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