Color-Logic Showcasing Expanded Metallic Colours Library And More

Color-Logic Showcasing Expanded Metallic Colours Library And More

Partnering with Ricoh, Color-Logic will command attention on the Ricoh Stand at drupa where the cutting-edge Color-Logic software will be demonstrated on the new Ricoh Pro 7500 digital press with specialty inks.

Since the last drupa, the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System has been continuously refined to meet the evolving demands of printers, graphic designers, and brands seeking to differentiate themselves in the market while achieving predictable results, reducing waste, and reducing time to market. Visitors to drupa 2024, being held in Düsseldorf from May 28 – June 7, can see significant enhancements from Color-Logic, including:

Expanded Metallic Colours Library

Color-Logic has expanded its metallic colours library from 250 to an impressive 924 shades. With just silver toner and paper, or with white toner and a silver-based metallic stock, printers now have access to a vast array of options, including 30 new gold colours. In total, the Color-Logic system offers 50 gold and bronze metallic shades in a single pass.

More Pattern-FX Volumes

Pattern-FX now boasts seven volumes, each containing 20 seamless patterns with six effects. Pattern-FX is compatible with all 924 Color-Logic metallic colours, offering designers an astounding 776,160 possible embellishments within Adobe Illustrator.

Debut of Text-FX

Making its European debut, Text-FX includes 20 fully editable text styles that seamlessly integrate with Pattern-FX and Color-Logic colour palettes, providing designers unparalleled creative flexibility.


Enabling designers and printers to preview Color-Logic effects before production, FX-Viewer eliminates guesswork and minimises costly press time and material wastage by eliminating trial-and-error runs.

S.M.A.R.T. Centre

The Color-Logic comprehensive resource hub, the S.M.A.R.T. Centre, equips printers and graphic designers with the tools and knowledge needed to seamlessly implement embellishments. From software solutions to training resources, and with marketing tools and an extensive library of tips and tricks videos, the Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T. Centre ensures a smooth transition to enhanced print embellishment. Additionally, licenced Color-Logic printers receive more than 125 press-ready marketing files encompassing more than 300 SKUs to kickstart their marketing initiatives.

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