CGS ORIS Announces Digital Printing Partnership With China’s HanGlobal Group For Next Three Years

CGS ORIS Announces Digital Printing Partnership With China’s HanGlobal Group For Next Three Years
CGS ORIS announced its digital printing partnership with China’s HanGlobal Group for the next three years.

With the diversification of label products, small quantities and the development of multi Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), coupled with the Internet of Things, Internet plus and other factors, a growing demand for digital products is expected. The strong partnership between CGS ORIS and HanGlobal Group will give answers to that by providing reliable software solutions for the use of digital inkjet technology with accurate colour in the field of industrial printing.

In the initial phase of the agreement, CGS ORIS colour management solutions will be applied to the inkjet digital label and book presses. In the second phase, other digital printing presses of the HanGlory Group – a division of the HanGlobal Group – such as digital corrugated packaging printers, textile printers, large format UV printers and other digital printers, will follow.

‘Our common aim is to optimise digital printing processes and results and make it even more easier and faster for printing operators to achieve perfect print results. Especially, the handling and reproduction of spot colours play an important role for us,’ said Lilly Xiao, General Sales Manager Greater China at CGS ORIS. The partnership was cemented in a ceremony between Xiao and HanGlobal General Manager Li Hualin.

In addition, CGS ORIS software will be used to optimise and reduce the total ink volume. That leads to faster drying times and even higher production speed. Customers will profit from an increase in productivity and the ability to make full use of their presses while reducing production costs.

‘We are very glad about the partnership and are looking forward to bringing our colour management solution and experience to the new market to meet the growing number of needs on colour consistency, especially the accurate reproduction of spot colours on high-speed inkjet printers,’ said Christoph Thommessen, Managing Director Global Sales.

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