BOBST Introduces New Hot Foil Stamper For High-Value Packaging

BOBST Introduces New Hot Foil Stamper For High-Value Packaging

The NOVAFOIL 106 hot foil stamper for high-quality embellishment in folding carton production has been developed to offer efficient, versatile and cost-effective multi-colour foiling. Its capacities also include embossing, debossing, hologram application and even die-cutting. It will allow customers to create more elaborate designs to produce high-value packaging.

It has been introduced in response to the continuing increase in demand for added-value finishing from brand owners. ‘The innovative NOVAFOIL 106 empowers creativity and flexibility to give converters more embellishment capabilities that will attract brands looking to add standout shelf appeal to their products,’ said Marco Lideo, BOBST Product Line Director die-cutters, hot foil stampers and flexo printers.

This is the first inline foil stamping machine from BOBST to offer an advanced cross-foiling option. NOVAFOIL 106 features are, in base, configured up to 8 reels of 350mm for inline, and 4 reels of 250mm for cross foiling. The machine allows a great variety of applications of intricate foil designs on paper-based substrates and solid board up to 2000g/sqm and corrugated board up to 3mm. With the large sheet sizes of up to 1060 x 760mm, the available sheet surface can be used to a maximum, optimising the use of substrates.

The machine also excels with its high level of automation, which enables quick set-ups and changeovers for maximum uptime. The platen section of this new machine has been completely redesigned. It ensures a longer dwell time, stable temperature and higher pressure in the foiling process to deliver amazing embellishment quality. The gripper bar advance system has been adapted to provide excellent running consistency and improved sheet deceleration. The result is reliability, excellent stability and smooth sheet transport, even at maximum machine performance.

Despite the enhanced capabilities, the new hot foil stamper is a compact machine with a small footprint. Built with operator-friendly ergonomics, there is easy access to all functions and settings, including the hot foil stamping area. The HMI SPHERE control panel features intuitive navigation and allows for fast automatic set-ups for repeat orders, making the machine very simple to operate.

Introducing new levels of sustainability in foiling, the NOVAFOIL 106 can be configured with the Optimal Advance Computer System (OACS) for automatic foil advance calculation, which translates into economic foil use and reduced waste, while the semi-automatic foil roll changeover further saves on time to fully optimise production. BOBST has also deployed its long experience and expertise in sheet handling on the NOVAFOIL 106. The latest feeder head generation with suction units and powerful gripper bar advance system ensure ultra-smooth and consistent sheet feeding and precise register for fault-free foiling. For extra quality control, the operator can easily and safely extract samples without stopping the machine.

‘This high productivity machine guarantees an excellent return on investment due to the robust build quality, strong reliability and long life, coupled with cost-efficient foil use. The versatility it offers will allow our customers to enlarge their product portfolio and take advantage of new business opportunities,’ said Lideo. With full data access and control, the connectivity of the machine is compatible with Industry 4.0 operation as part of the future BOBST Connect platform. Reliable service for constant support and BOBST approved tooling further improve the high machine uptimes and best-in-class profitability.

‘With BOBST NOVAFOIL 106 and our dedicated hot foil stamping platen section, we are taking the next step in the evolution of embellishment. It is clear that BOBST continues to lead through innovation and pave the way for the future of packaging production. We develop every solution with the four core pillars of digitalisation, automation, connectivity and sustainability in mind, and the NOVAFOIL 106 is a shining example of the contribution that our vision is bringing to the industry,’ Lideo concluded.

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