ACTEGA Reveals Latest Coatings For Packaging And Commercial Printing

ACTEGA Reveal Latest Coatings

Addressing the growing importance of sustainable printing, the solvent-free WESSCO® POLAR coatings provide businesses with a high-quality alternative to traditional hot or cold foil stamping and metallised board. In addition, the use of these new coatings eliminates plastic waste and streamlines the recycling process, providing a performance and efficiency boost to users as they remove the additional foil application step from the printing process.

These include five WESSCO® POLAR UV silver coatings, comprising four WESSCO® POLAR UV flexo silver coatings and one UV offset silver coating for use from the ink duct. They deliver, in combination with highly transparent overprint varnishes, highly reflective properties and brilliantly glossy effects. Additional benefits include outstanding flexibility, efficiency, overprint ability with UV offset inks, and a strong sustainability offering.

Andreas Käfferlein, Product Manager Metallics commented, ‘With demand for premium, high-value print products still on the rise, our UV silver coatings capture the attention of the consumer due to their luxurious quality. This makes them highly attractive to our customers in paper-based packaging, commercial applications, and book and magazine printing. Add to this the incredible environmental advantages of the WESSCO® POLAR range and the economical savings to be made, and the appeal of these UV coatings speaks for itself.’

The WESSCO® POLAR UV Silver coatings are well-suited to a range of paper-based print and packaging applications including food and other sensitive packaging types, thanks to properties such as low migration and compliance with Swiss Ordinance and Nestlé requirements. Customers also benefit from reduced lead times and improved cost efficiency due to the avoidance of time-consuming material ordering and extended delivery periods. The high costs associated with metallised or TransMet boards are also eliminated.

Käfferlein concluded, ‘The efficiencies and environmental benefits of the WESSCO® POLAR range strongly support ACTEGA’s company-wide goal to support advances towards more sustainable print production. With this new range, we can offer yet more coatings that will support our customers’, and their customers’, sustainability objectives, while delivering the high quality required by these companies and brands. It’s a truly exciting addition to the ACTEGA product portfolio and we’re looking forward to seeing the many creative applications that our customers will produce as a result.’


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