Aleyant Announces New User Interface And User Experience Improvements


Aleyant has announced the latest in its eDocBuilder Release, which includes added support in certain features.

The latest release of eDocBuilder includes significant improvements to the user interface and user experience for eDocBuilder’s iFrame and Pressero Clients. In a major enhancement, with the addition of Field Scripting, Field Designer has now achieved feature parity with Field Setup.

In an improvement to the document approval process, while editing templates in the Test/View Templates area, users will notice the ‘Update Preview’ button. Previously a persistent element, this now appears only after changes are detected.

New features:

– Added support in Field Designer for Emulate Acrobat Text Field Positioning, within the Layout tab.
– Added support in Field Designer for Stacking Groups for image and text fields.
– Added support in Field Designer for the Data Source: Another Field (as exists in Field Setup: Field Type).
– Removed hidden fields on the template while working in Field Designer. Select the ‘hidden’ indicator to make it reappear to resize or reposition.
– For users who access the app through mobile devices, the new eDocBuilder user interface is optimised for mobile.
– To set up future developments, with this release the company is removing the capability to customise the layout of eDocBuilder through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

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