Xerox Installs Gemini Desktop Cutter For On Demand Box Cutting And Labels

Xerox Installs Gemini Desktop Cutter For On Demand Box Cutting And Labels
Richard Attwell, Compleo, Henk Coetzee, Minuteman Press Menlyn and John de Beer, Altron Bytes Document Solutions.

Minuteman Press Menlyn has expanded its offerings into the short run, on demand packaging and label market with the new Gemini desktop cutter, supplied by Xerox. The innovative desktop cutter can handle a variety of thickness and sheet sizes such as A4, A3, SRA3, SA3, letter, tabloid and tabloid extra. This is the first cutter in the Minuteman group.

The cutter can also do:
– Perforation cuts (small dots).
– Kiss cuts (half cuts).
– Die cuts (heavy cuts).
– Creasing.

Xerox has partnered with Intellistor to provide the DPR Gemini label and box cutter to the wider South African market. Intellistor is a value-added importer and distributor of specialised products and services into Southern Africa – including on demand colour label printing, finishing and blank labels.

Richard Attwell, Director of Compleo, explained that Xerox identified a gap in the market to add value to the Minuteman group and other customers. ‘Xerox had been in talks with the Minuteman group, who identified an opportunity for short-run packaging, but they were having to turn away customers because there wasn’t suitable equipment. We identified and then extensively tested the Gemini product, which allows Minuteman Press to keep their clients and grow their client base as well. Traditionally, they would not get into the packaging market with just cut sheet digital printing, now they can access the short-run packaging market. So, they can do bespoke items, which would previously be very expensive to produce by having to create die-cut moulds.’

Short run personalised boxes can be created with the Gemini cutter.

‘We supplied Minuteman Press with a Xerox Versant 180 four years ago, and we looked at offering the cutter as a value added solution because it allows the cut sheet colour printer to open up new markets in packaging as well as labels,’ said Attwell. ‘The cutter has been at the Menlyn branch for under two weeks and they have already seen profits from the print jobs that they have used it for.’

‘We have identified short run personalised labels and packaging as a major revenue and margin opportunity for the Minuteman Press Group in South Africa. They are very successful in producing long run labels on their wide format printers. With the ability to print on a wide variety of media, including freezer labels for food products on the Versant 180 presses, the Gemini enables them to kiss-cut labels into any shape and size, from one label to infinity. Customers can get products delivered on the same day,’ said John de Beer, National Account Manager, Minuteman Group.

Short run personalised labels can be created with the Gemini cutter.

A report by Smithers shows that digital print continues to disrupt the packaging industry. According to Smithers, ‘The rapid growth and success of digital print are prompting brands to experiment with marketing – improving approval ratings and brand loyalty from consumers – as well as meeting new regulatory demands and evolving new business models. Digitally printed labels and packaging is worth $13.4 billion in 2017. While the label sector has been the early adopter and is mature in some regions, there is very strong growth in corrugated, carton, flexibles and direct-to-shape, with developments in metal printing. By 2022, the rapidly expanding digital (inkjet and toner) packaging market will grow by almost 13% annually to exceed $22.0 billion.’

The cutter is ideal for applications such as: labels, shaped business cards, small boxes and more and can successfully cut cardboard with a weight ranging from 200 to 400gsm and adhesive sheets from 170gsm.

Key features:
– Uses industry best Graphtec CE7000 plotter.
– Compact design, making it a desktop solution for a smaller workplace.
– Automatic Ramp Style Feeder tray provides operator free job runs.
– Proprietary software, ensuring precise loading and cutting with excellent results.
– Holds up to 150 sheets per job using sheet sizes (A4, A3, SA3, SRA3, Letter, Tabloid and Tabloid Extra).
– Cutting options include: die-cut, kiss-cut, perforation cut and media creasing for boxes.

Jacques Roux, Intellistor; Henk Coetzee, Minuteman Press Menlyn; John de Beer, Altron Bytes Document Solutions and Josh Humphreys, Intellistor.

It features two different positions of cutting. The standard position is used for kiss cutting labels. The second position is used to break through the media to create small packs, tags and more. Items that can be produced include: display and point of sale, kiss cut stickers, party boxes, customised card stock, envelopes, turn key products, card stock and more.

‘Previously, we couldn’t produce boxes for customers in small runs, so the Gemini cutter has solved that problem,’ said Juan Appel, Owner, Minuteman Press, Menlyn. ‘We can even do larger runs and there is no need for die-cutting and the machine set-up involved. The Gemini opens a new market for us and it works well. It allows us to access industries such as: weddings, pharmaceutical and walk-in customers who just want small amounts of boxes.’

Appel also added that Minuteman Press has a longstanding relationship with Xerox. ‘We have bought quite a few machines from them already. They always support us and provide quick service when needed. We have a good relationship with them,’ he said.

‘One of our interests is smaller orders that need very specific cutting,’ said Gerhard Snyman, Co-owner of Minuteman Press Hatfield. ‘For example, we recently had to quote a customer on 40 tags – which have a very specific shape – to be affixed to bottle necks with ribbons for a wedding. You used to have to make die-cuts and offer the end products at a very expensive price. With the Gemini, this process can be done at a reduced cost, and within a day. It speeds up the process for smaller orders.’

‘The Gemini is ideal for cutting boxes and labels on-demand. Previously, you would have had to outsource this type of work or pay a significant set-up cost and the lead time on your outsourced work could take up to two weeks or longer. Furthermore, you are not restricted to the number of boxes – you may produce a single box if necessary,’ said Jacques Roux, Sales Manager, Intellistor.

‘Xerox has a massive footprint within South Africa. They offer great support and top quality products and services,’ added Roux. ‘By partnering with Xerox, Intellistor will be able to expand into areas of the country where Xerox is established and operational. We believe that by working together, we will be able to accomplish far more, and we look forward to what we can offer the market collectively.’

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