Xerox Allows More Privacy With Secure Print Feature


Xerox Secure Print works by allowing the user to assign a password/PIN to the document when sent to the printer.

The document will not print until the user walks up to the printer and releases the document to print using the password/PIN assigned. The secure print feature is activated in the driver the job is sent to print.

This is an ideal feature to use for any document that has sensitive information, for example documents containing credit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential work product or medical information.

Short of invisible ink, this is a great way to safeguard your document. The feature will also keep a document from walking away in the hands of someone else because the user will be there when it prints.

To get more information please go to the support page, enter the model number of the machine used in question, then search on ‘Secure Print’ to see if the feature is available and if so, how to use the feature.

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