Xaar Announces Significant New Development In Inkjet Printing


Most printheads can only jet materials with viscosities of up to 10-25 centipoise (cP). Thanks to Xaar’s unique TF Technology and innovative High Laydown Technology, fluids with significantly higher viscosities – up to 100 cP – can now be jetted.

This comes following Xaar’s announcement of Ultra High Viscosity capability across its printheads and the potential applications for this significant development in inkjet printing. Ultra High Viscosity jetting opens up a wide range of new inkjet capabilities and applications for OEMs and manufacturers using Xaar technology. The ability to lay down fluids with higher particle loading and particle sizes offers advantages such as an increased colour gamut, opacity and special effects. In addition, jetting higher molecular weight photopolymers for Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing applications is made possible.

The announcement is the first part of Xaar’s strategy to focus the printhead business on its Bulk platform, including its Xaar 2001+ printhead and High Laydown Technology. ‘I am excited to join the company as CEO and be leading the company on its next phase of development,’ commented new CEO Dr John Mill. ‘Xaar has almost 30 years’ experience in inkjet, a significant IP portfolio and a strong technology roadmap. We believe that focusing the business on the sizeable market opportunities available will ensure that Xaar is best positioned to deliver the service, quality and products our global customers demand.’

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