X-Rite has announced the release of Colortrue™ for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Colortrue allows photographers, designers, and prepress professionals to calibrate and profile their tablet and mobile devices for accurate colour matching.

Colortrue includes a Create Profile tool and an Image Gallery viewer and is currently available as a free download on the Apple® App Store and Google® Play Store.

Colortrue creates a custom display profile for iOS and Android mobile devices using a supported X-Rite measurement device. The user simply places the connected device on the tablet or phone when prompted and the measurement process begins automatically.

The profile is applied to all images displayed through the Colortrue Image Gallery, providing the user with the most accurate colour match to a desktop reference monitor, or other colour managed monitors.

Steve Rankin, Product Manager, at X-Rite, commented, ‘While iOS and Android devices deliver pleasing colour right out of the box, Colortrue is the first app that will provide photographers, designers, and prepress professionals with a true colour match from desktop to mobile. Tablets have become increasingly important in imaging workflows and getting accurate colour on the mobile device is now as critical as it is on the desktop. Whether showing your portfolio to a perspective client or soft-proofing an image before final run, Colortrue delivers colour accuracy at the level X-Rite customers expect, while maintaining the speed and simplicity of use necessary in the mobile environment.’

Colortrue is the only mobile colour management app that delivers an Image Gallery viewer with a unique set of tools that enables the highest level of colour accurate viewing:
• Ambient Light Compensation – Colortrue will adjust to any ambient viewing condition ensuring that images are displayed correctly regardless of the lighting condition and display brightness setting.
• Print Simulation – Preview or soft-proof images using different printer profiles and rendering intents.
• White Point – Match your tablet to your desktop – to ensure you are assessing the same image on tablet and desktop, Colortrue lets you choose between D65, D50 and Native white point.
• ICC Profile – Embedded image profiles are used or you can manually select correct working colour spaces for your images (sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB).
• Before and After – Toggle the calibration on and off to see the colour accuracy improvements on your images.

With the launch of Colortrue, X-Rite also announces its Colortrue Aware partner programme. Unlike laptop or desktop operating systems, iOS and Android operating systems do not have system wide colour management capabilities. This means each app must apply colour profiles independently.

X-Rite will soon release a Software Developers Kit (SDK) that will allow third party app developers access to the Colortrue profile, enabling them to seamlessly deliver colour management within their own app(s). Colortrue users can be confident any third party app such as image editing or viewing, inline production approval, or even creative sketching for proof of concept is colour managed whenever they see the Colortrue Aware logo. More information can be found at xritephoto.com/colortrueSDK.

Steve Rankin, Product Manager, at X-Rite, said, ‘As tablets and mobile devices increasingly permeate colour and image based workflows, it has never been more important that these devices become truly colour accurate. With Colortrue and the Colortrue Aware partner programme, X-Rite now offers the missing colour management components on iOS and Android platforms. Our goal is to enable app developers and help create an eco-system of colour managed apps. We encourage all app developers where colour is important to their users to contact us and learn more about our Colortrue Aware partner programme.’

Colortrue® calibration process. iOS phones and tablets support ColorMunki Smile, ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro, and i1Pro 2, while Android phones and tablets support ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro. Visit xritephoto.com/colortrue for complete specifications list.

X-Rite and X-Rite Photo products are distributed in South Africa by DigitalView.