X-Rite is now the exclusive distributor of Colorcert® software and has launched an X-Rite branded edition. Colorcert® X-Rite edition delivers process control for monitoring and managing colour across a large and diverse supply chain, greatly simplifying colour communication all the way from the artwork phase of projects through separation, ink room and pressroom.

Working in collaboration with Nelissen Consulting of Germany to issue the Colorcert® 2.0: X-Rite Edition, the company is leveraging its expertise in colour measurement and management to offer complete closed loop reporting solutions that cover every aspect of colour definition and control in package production.

Christian Nelissen, founder and owner of Nelissen Consulting said, ‘The fact that X-Rite has chosen Colorcert® as its main offering for statistical process control of packaging colours speaks for the quality of the solution. I’m convinced that by combining Colorcert®with X-Rite’s industry-leading solutions and leveraging the X-Rite and Esko global network, we will create a new de-facto standard for the communication and control of colour in the packaging industry.’

The Colorcert® 2.0: X-Rite Edition has particular appeal for both brand owners and their suppliers. Colorcert® provides procurement and brand owners with a convenient dashboard, presenting supplier scorecards for monitoring the production process across the supply chain. Printers, prepress, premedia and ink manufacturers can now validate their own work in real time.

‘With the continued consolidation and globalisation of the packaging industry, it was critical for X-Rite to offer the right tools to enable consistent specification and communication of colour with PantoneLIVE, while also complementing the offering with Colorcert® to allow real-time monitoring and reporting,’ said Sonia Megert, Vice President Pantone Digital Business Unit of X-Rite. ‘Colorcert® enhances the PantoneLIVE value proposition by adding statistical process control for monitoring a large and diverse supply chain. Pantonelive continues to be an open platform and we will continue to support our partners wishing to integrate with our products.’

Pantonelive is a secure, centralised cloud ecosystem where brand owners, packaging designers and packaging converters can access data that precisely defines brand colours. By incorporating Colorcert® into the PantoneLIVE workflow, brand owners have a complete, end-to-end, closed-loop solution for enabling colour that is right the first time, every time, regardless of producer, technology, substrate or geography.

Colorcert® and Pantonelive will ideally complement the Esko Brand Owner offering. ‘We have incorporated critical capabilities in our Esko offerings so that our growing number of brand customers can transform and optimise their business operations,’ said John Elworthy, Global Business Development, Brand Owner at Esko.

Colorcert® 2.0: X-Rite edition is a comprehensive, scalable solution that has applications for large converters or those printers that want to drive consistency across various geographies. The package strengthens colour communication within operations at a converter and provides real-time job sharing between all shareholders including premedia, prepress, ink manufacturers and brand owners. Converters can use Colorcert®2.0: X-Rite Edition to consolidate colour performance programs across locations and offer advanced reporting capabilities to brands.