X-Rite demonstrated cloud-based systems as solutions for colour-matching challenges that label printers face at Labelexpo, which took place from  24-27 September. The company emphasised how customers use its deep toolbox of solutions to solve their most challenging colour measurement problems.

Visitors also viewed X-Rite solutions at the stands of partner companies throughout the show: BST International GmbH, 11Q100; ColorGen, 11Q55; Esko, 5B25; Fag Graphic System SA, 9F73; Flint Group  Sweden AB, 5B45; Sun Chemical, 5E80; HP Indigo, PATIO; Mark Andy, 5C10; Mirage Inks Ltd, 7K20; Percept Print Solutions, 12W73; Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd, 7L117; Siegwerk, 11P10; Wikoff Colour, 11P108; and Zeller+Gmelin, 11P100.

Sonia Megert Marshall, vice president of Pantone Digital at X-Rite Pantone said, Nothing illustrates the value of X-Rite Pantone solutions better than real-life case studies from our customers. We will be supplying compelling examples of how some of the worlds leading corporations such as H.J. Heinz Co. have used our solutions to save time and money by improving their label printing workflows. X-Rite Pantone demonstrated the widest range of colour measurement and management tools available to the label printing industry. 

X-Rite demonstrated how its eXact and i1Pro2 spectrophotometers can bring new efficiencies to the various stages in printing workflow. For those involved in prepress and pre-media work, the redesigned 1Pro 2 with its i1 Prism Engine provides a higher level of accuracy for complicated cross media campaigns. The i1Pro 2 offers enhanced ease of use and the ability to collect and measure data and ensure proofs meet the specified standards.

The X-Rite eXact is fully compliant with ISO 13655:2009 measurement standards, which printers use to match proof to press across many substrates. With split-second measurement times and improved accuracy to simplify workflow, the eXact instrument is the spectrophotometer that offers customers a way to measure true daylight conditions by supporting all the M Standards inclusive of the complete M1.

All spectrophotometers experience some data drift over time due to age and use, and NetProfiler 3.0 makes it easy for eXact customers to regularly optimise, verify and ascertain their instruments are calibrated to a single virtual standard with handheld and bench top spectrophotometers used at locations globally. 

X-Rites InkFormulation 6 helps printers by rapidly calculating the optimal and most cost-effective recipe based on the printing process, ink, illumination, pigment pricing, and number of components and materials to be used. The software helps printers and ink suppliers speed up the ink formulation workflow process (including liquid inks and special inks), with consistent, reproducible results on a broad variety of substrates and ink film thicknesses, including transparent films and metalised substrates.