X-Rite Pantone and Sun Chemical Corporation have made it easier for smaller printers and converters to access PantoneLIVE™ libraries that cover the majority of substrates used in the packaging industry, including corrugated brown kraft, transparent film, carton board and labels.

X-Rite Pantone offers several turnkey solution packages including PantoneLIVE licenses so that any printer or converter can access the 22 PantoneLIVE libraries to meet the needs of customers that want to get the efficiency of cloud-based, spectral colour data. The new turnkey solution will also be available through Sun Chemical, PantoneLIVE’s preferred ink supplier.

Sun Chemical’s global colour platform allows every ink colour to match exactly with PantoneLIVE and is fully integrated with PantoneLIVE. This system enables the user to operate seamlessly in a fully digital workflow to produce real colours on real substrates with real printing processes.

Printers and converters have sought access to the PantoneLIVE system because the cloud-based repository of spectral data allows them to reliably produce PANTONE™spot colours across various packaging substrates, which reduces time at prepress, saves money in production, and creates a better customer experience. Using the PantoneLIVE system, international packaging giant Chesapeake Ltd, based in Leicester, UK, said it was able to reduce the number of issues with customers by 80 percent, along with reducing the total number of wet ink drawdowns for projects and shortening the time involved in a drawdown from 4 hours to as little as an hour.

Sun Chemical will be able to share the digital targets of spot colours efficiently within its global network. Precise colour management is critical to brand owners, especially those with leading brands that are associated closely with specific colours, said Patrice Aurenty, Business Leader, Colour Management, Sun Chemical. 

Francesco Tomasello, Vice President European Sales Channels for X-Rite said, Sun Chemical has endorsed PantoneLIVE as the only quality system to achieve brand colour consistency in the packaging workflow, and we are pleased to work with X-Rite to offer libraries that now cover more than 80 percent of substrates commonly used in the packaging industry. The company has launched PantoneLIVE Turnkey Solutions to advise customers on the most cost-effective packages of hardware, software, licenses and colour services that will accomplish their goals.

PantoneLIVE has shown its success and value with brand owners and converters, both in Europe and the US, and we are excited to offer these turnkey solutions. We want to help customers get to a PantoneLIVE ready state quickly and easily. Printers and converters that want to learn more about PantoneLIVE Turnkey Solutions can contact their X-Rite Pantone or Sun Chemical representatives, due to the special relationship between the companies, Tomasello adds.