X-Rite has introduced its Color iQC Print and NetProfiler solutions at drupa to help companies in the print and packaging industries achieve higher efficiencies and improved quality through standardised and automated workflows.
Color iQC Print organises information critical to efficient management of color data and greatly simplifies communication of the data across organisations.
Color iQC Print links seamlessly with the PantoneLIVE cloud-based colour service that has a proven record with improving colour matches of labels and packaging across an array of printing technologies and substrates.
X-Rite representatives demonstrated how the NetProfiler 3.0 software can verify, optimise, and certify handheld and press-side spectrophotometers wherever they are used in the supply chain, ensuring that all stakeholders can use the same colour standards and tolerances. NetProfiler 3.0 extends the power of profiling to handheld devices with embedded profiling capabilities, optimising the performance of press-side spectrophotometers that all experience some data drift over time due to age and use.
Color iQC Print and PantoneLIVE shave hours off projects by making sure that all the links in the supply chain – from brand owners and designers to product production – have reliable and accurate colour information when and where they need it, said Richard Knapp, X-Rite product marketing manager, colour and appearance software. Its clear that any brand owner using these tools will have a competitive advantage when it comes to introducing new products in terms of saving time and resources.
Color iQC Print allows any company in the workflow to designate jobs or measure colour data in the format it is accustomed to using and send data to next link in the supply chain with confidence that the information will be preserved exactly the way it was sent.
Color iQC Prints easy-to-learn organisation and transmission of data works seamlessly with the newly introduced PantoneLIVE color service that provides instant access to essential brand color standards via the Internet. PantoneLIVE efficiently and cost effectively controls color among local and remote producers, suppliers, contractors and distributors.