X-Rite Exhibiting Colour Accuracy and Quality Of Ci7600/7800 Spectrophotometers


X-Rite will exhibit the new Ci7600/7800 Spectrophotometers at the European Coatings Show, taking place from 21-23 April 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The next generation benchtop spectrophotometers keep pace with industry demands by ensuring colour quality and accuracy across the supply chain.

Increasingly, paint is manufactured and mixed for distribution on a global basis. This global distribution also comes at a time when the demand for custom colour is also increasing. To ensure the quality of these colours throughout the supply chain, paint manufactures have relied on benchtop spectrophotometers. But older spectrophotometers can be difficult to configure, and many have become contaminated with dust or paint. The operator is often unaware of these issues, resulting inconsistencies along the supply chain.

To solve this challenge, X-Rite has introduced the Ci7x00 benchtop Spectrophotometer Series. When used in conjunction with other X-Rite solutions, the Ci7x00 gives paint manufactures an automated, software-driven set-up that assures consistent configuration across all locations in the global supply chain. The Ci7600/7800 spectrophotometers not only measure colour quality, they also measure important details on the condition of the devices and the environment at the time of measurement. This critical information is provided in an audit trail that gives paint manufactures a level of quality assurance that was not previously available to them.

In addition to the Ci7x00 Series, X-Rite will also showcase their range of colour measurement instruments that let paint manufacturers ensure their specifications and tolerances are met the first time, and every time.
These include:
• The MA9X Multi-Angle Instrument family of hand-held spectrophotometers. These instruments give users the ability to easily, accurately, and consistently measure traditional and special effect paints and coatings, including the multi-angle spectrophotometer MA98 that measures coatings with special effects. This is the only device that meets the ASTM Standard E2539 for the measurement of interference pigments.
• The Colour Viewing Booth QC Spectra Light, which offers more standardised light sources than any other visual quality control solution. Also featured will be the compact light cabin Judge II. This compact visual colour evaluation system provides the closest fluorescent daylight simulation available.
• NetProfiler 3 is the software solution that verifies, optimises, and certifies handheld and benchtop spectrophotometers used in the supply chain at locations around the world.
• The spectrocolorimeter RM200QC compares colours of laboratory samples or coated surfaces with reference standards. This instrument can also create reports that can be transmitted to the other partners in the supply chain.
• The noncontact benchtop VS450, which measures colour and gloss measurements on dry and wet samples.
• Color iMatch, the intelligent software used for the formulation of paints. Colour iMatch enables quick, accurate colour analysis to optimise each recipe for cost and colour accuracy.

In addition, Pantone® Colour Trends and libraries will also be showcased, along with a variety of special licensing arrangements designed for the paints and coatings industry.

Francesco Tomasello, Vice President of European Sales for X-Rite Pantone said, ‘The industry continues to grow and adapt to the challenges of a global market place. Our new Ci7600/7800 spectrophotometers are an example of how X-Rite Pantone’s solutions keep pace with this trend.

‘They provide users with an updated solution that not only ensures the accuracy of the colour, but also ensure the accuracy of the instruments that are measuring the colour. We look forward to showing users their capabilities, along with our other powerful colour quality solutions at the European Coatings show.’

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