VPF Presents Adhesive Material For Tamper-Evident Labels

VPF Presents Adhesive Material For Tamper-Evident Labels
CHECKERBOARD adhesive paper sealed vs. unsealed. It can be equipped with transparent or coloured adhesive (here blue).

Up until now, security labels for first-opening, tamper and tamper-evident protection have mainly been made of film materials. Now VPF has succeeded in developing an adhesive material that also meets the high demands of the market when using a paper face material.

The manufacturer now uses paper instead of film for the production of security material for label printing, and with equally forgery-proof results: the checkerboard pattern known from security films is clearly visible after manipulation.

Any attempt at manipulation is impossible: the CHECKERBOARD adhesive paper (VPF 100328) leaves behind a white checkerboard pattern after opening, as previously only known from film labels. This is made possible by the use of a 60 gram special paper which, in contrast to previous solutions, remains clearly recognisable even on the detached label face. The non-adhesive checkerboard pattern on the substrate prevents any attempt of reattachment after being detached.

The new CHECKERBOARD adhesive paper (VPF 100328) comes standard with adhesive 925 (22 gram application weight). The adhesive adheres perfectly even to difficult substrates such as cardboard or folding boxes. This makes the new labelstock suitable for the secure closure of pharmaceutical products, food and fast-food packaging or high-quality technology and cosmetic articles. It is also available with coloured adhesives on request.


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