IST METZ Showcases UV And LED Systems

IST METZ Showcases UV And LED Systems
With a wavelength of 172 nm, the radiation from excimer lamps is high-energy, without penetrating deeper substrate layers.

At IST METZ GmbH & Co. KG’s booth at PaintExpo, visitors could learn everything about excimer technology, which is used in many industrial sectors and applications for matting, disinfection, cleaning and modification of surfaces.

An excimer lamp is a source of ultraviolet light with an extremely high energy emission at a wavelength of 172nm. The result of curing with excimer lamps are extremely hard and matt surfaces that offer high scratch and abrasion resistance.


The shared patent resulting from the collaboration of IST METZ and BASF SE follows the approach of increasing the UVC percentage in the spectrum of a UV lamp. Based on the proven IST UV system BLK®, a system has been developed that leads to a power increase of more than 70% in the process-relevant spectral range. FREEcure is a revolutionary technology that achieves outstanding results without: photo initiators, inertisation and electron beams.

IST METZ Showcases UV And LED Systems

Another highlight at the stand was the mobile and wireless HANDcure LED handheld unit for spot and area irradiation. The handheld unit is typically used in the field of cross-linking and detection, where controlled curing and immediate handling stability are essential. The device has a spectral range from 365nm to 415nm and weighs 1kg in the basic version. This ensures fatigue-free working in a wide range of applications.

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