Vivid CAD/CAM Packaging Software Optimises Design

Vivid CAD:CAM Packaging Software Optimises Every Aspect Of Design

The Zip Core Packaging Suite software provides businesses with a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the everyday jobs of packaging designers, graphic designers and salespeople involved in the creation and production of packaging. This results in jobs being produced at a much faster rate.

There are endless packaging templates to choose from within the library of designs, giving users the opportunity to create an infinite choice of projects with effortless simplicity.

There are two bundles to choose from: Zip Core Design and Zip Core Design Pro. Both modules are compatible with desktop and cloud solutions and integrated with Adobe® Illustrator®. This means users can apply graphics to their packaging designs while being able to view a 3D model of the structure before production, saving time and money.

Zip Core packaging software has been developed by Vivid to enhance the use of the Veloblade Volta and Veloblade Nexus range of digital die-cutting systems.


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