Vision Press Bolsters Printing Services With Xerox Versant 80 Press


North West-based and 100 percent black-owned printing and design company Vision Press has bolstered its government printing services with a new Xerox Versant 80 Press from Ivyline and Bytes Document Solutions.
Specialising in the design, layout, and presentation of critical local, provincial and national government documents, including annual reports, memorandums, and ministerial and budget speeches, Vision Press emphasises quality, integrity and, most importantly, rapid and reliable turnaround on all printing projects.
Vision Press founder and owner Tumi Molosiwai says speed is the number one priority for his clients. ‘Our clients have no room for error, which means we have no room for error,’ said Molosiwai. ‘When a Minister or his or her representatives stop by the office with a report they need to deliver to hundreds of people the next morning, the last thing they need is a problem with the printing.
‘When it comes to speed and reliability there’s only one name we trust: Xerox,’ he said. ‘We’ve used other large brands from time to time, but nothing comes close to the reliability, quality and throughput of a Xerox press.’
For a number of years, Vision Press has relied on the Xerox 770 Digital Colour Press for the bulk of its production. ‘Despite its credentials and proven performance, we realised that having one machine do all the work limits our capacity to grow the business,’ said Molosiwai. ‘Fortunately for us we discovered the Versant 80 through our local Xerox partner Ivyline, and had no hesitation in buying the new machine outright to service a number of large contracts we’ve been fortunate enough to secure.’
The Xerox Versant 80 Press is the industry standard in high quality, high throughput digital printing and production, with a massive 80000 monthly cycle capacity at full speed with the heaviest media type (80 ppm/up to 350 gsm). It features a number of industry firsts, including an integrated UltraHD print engine combining 2400 x 2400 dpi imaging resolution with up to 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit rendering resolution.
It also improves print and scan automation from Xerox’s Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) tool, which takes the trial and error guesswork out of alignment. Automated Image Transfer Adjustment effortlessly adjusts image transfer to ensure optimal quality on a variety of stocks, while Density Uniformity Adjustment helps maintain colour consistency within a page.
Ivyline branch manager Stephen Graham said the new functionality comes at a lower overall running cost, which makes the Versant 80 a logical upgrade for high volume printers like Vision Press.
‘When we first presented the Versant 80 the discussion was not so much about reliability which the Xerox 770 had already established, but about running cost, which ultimately impacts the bottom line,’ said Graham.
‘With significantly lower running costs, the Versant 80 is the most effective mid-to-high range press on the market today,’ he said. ‘It’s a fully automated machine, which means customers can bring in complex jobs and consistency is assured from print to print, without having to retrain the printing staff. Best of all, the despite the new colour registration, density control and colour management functionality, the speed never comes down, which for government work is non-negotiable.’
Molosiwai says the immediate plan is to outsource the Versant 80 for a current government contract, following which it will join the Xerox 770 as the frontline production press for the company.
‘The Versant 80 is a major upgrade on the 770, but we’re keeping the older machine so we can run both in tandem to give us all the benefits of the new machine with the increased capacity and redundancy of running two in parallel. With that sort of power, we can meet almost any requirement, however urgent, with rapid turnaround and uncompromising quality.’  

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