The TRESU Group will exhibit its Intelligent Systems, a concept that carries solutions for different types of printers, at PRINT 13 in September. 

TRESUs Intelligent Systems use innovative technology to increase operational efficiency and minimise downtime, which contributes to competitiveness and bottom line improvement. 

The core of Intelligent Systems is made up of the pressroom, TRESU and its service suppliers. The system is connected through a dedicated modem directly to a programmable logic controller PLC enabling sophisticated remote diagnostics and corrective action. If the problem cannot be remotely corrected, Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS) coordinates will supply the correct parts and the despatch of a service technician should he need arise.

Scott Hibbs, Executive Vice President at TRESU Royse Inc said that TRESUs Intelligent Systems concept can benefit most litho, flexo, gravure and digital printers operating in the packaging market.

On solutions for litho printers TRESU will exhibit their dampening water circulator (iDWC) at the booth, promote their press temperature control, process chilling and fountain dampening (iChilling) systems and hot air and IR drying (iDrying) systems.

Each system can integrate with TRESUs IDMS to provide advanced operational monitoring of critical components and integrated alarm functions. The three featured smart systems can be chosen individually or as a total ancillary press solution.

The company will also exhibit their recently launched Digital Sheet Coater that integrates into sheet-fed digitally printed folding carton converting lines. 

TRESU Solutions offers custom product designs for flexo and gravure suppliers and converters requiring precise systems or components to integrate into their press or finishing lines. 

TRESUs engineering skills and innovative thinking about packaging solutions mean that we are able to offer tailored solutions for large and medium-sized businesses that help them differentiate themselves and improve their bottom lines, said Hibbs.