Toppan Develops NFC Labels

Toppan Develops NFC Labels

The ubiquity of smartphones has prompted heightened demand for product experiences provided to consumers via the use of Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags. Businesses are therefore considering ways to attach NFC labels in positions that make them easier for consumers to access. The importance of maintaining the quality of the product or package design has created demand for higher quality design for NFC labels themselves.

Toppan Printing recently developed NFC labels combining high-quality metallic design with maintenance of the communication performance required of NFC tags. Due to a focus on essential functions, little attention has traditionally been paid to high-quality visual design for RFID tags and QR Code labels used for product management and authentication. Labels have also generally been attached in positions that ensure they are inconspicuous and do not negatively impact the overall design of the product or package.

Toppan has developed NFC labels with high-quality metallic design. It is now possible to attach NFC labels to packages for high-end items such as wine, spirits and luxury brand goods without sacrificing design quality. Brand owners can also leverage NFC functions to facilitate product traceability, anti-counterfeiting, Customer Relationship Management and other customer-focused services driven by digital transformation.

Two types of labels are available: a metallic decor type and a metallic surface type. Outstanding design and a premium look has been achieved by combining multiple decorative printing technologies used for creating eye-catching designs on high-quality folding cartons.


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