Summa Showcasing Cutting Solutions At FESPA Amsterdam

Summa Showcasing Cutting Solutions At FESPA Amsterdam

The S One cutters are Summa’s latest addition and will be featured together with the Tray One sheet feeder. Two units, the S1D60 and S1D160, will be running continuously for visitors to see the sturdiness and efficiency of the Summa roll cutters.

Some of the key features include a Tray One sheet feeder, representing an efficient label and sheet cutting solution for industries small and large, as well as:

– OPOS Xtra functionality, especially beneficial when cutting small sticker jobs, detecting curvature changes most accurately.

– Legendary Tracking, featuring Summa’s exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum, coupled with powerful servo motors, delivers jaw-dropping accuracy.

– A powerful drag knife exerting no less than 600gr cutting force.

– GoSign Software, Summa’s in-house GoSign software for the Summa roll cutter series to manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility.

– Summa S Class 2 Series for high-volume precision vinyl cutting.

The S2TC160 model from the S Class 2 Series features meticulous and fast cutting for short and long-run jobs. By combining Summa’s Tangential module with an OPOS CAMera, the S2TC160 model offers highly accurate recognition of the registration marks at lightning-fast speeds. The processing of entire rolls of vinyl is, therefore, much more productive with an OPOS CAM cutter.

Key features include:

– OPOS CAM cutters are Twin compatible, meaning the processing of a job can be initiated on the OPOS CAM roll cutter, such as the S2TC160 unit, applying the kiss-cut technique and finish the job on the F1612 flatbed cutter for cutting through Summa Twin Workflow.

– True Tangential Technology. Summa is the sole manufacturer of cutting heads with True Tangential Technology, which is featured on the S Class 2 roll cutters. Each cut will have perfectly shaped corners and unsurpassed quality, even at high speeds.

– G-Performance is available for the Summa S Class 2 roll cutters to boost performance and speed up to 40%.

– GoSign Software, Summa’s in-house GoSign software for the Summa roll cutter series to manage a user’s preferred workflow with great flexibility.

The Summa F Series will be represented by its most popular model, the F1612. Also this year, the F1612 will be accompanied by the convenient conveyor extension. Two brand new F Series tools will also be demonstrated.

Key features include:

– F-Performance, available for the Summa F Series, which increases performance with faster movements of the cutting head, finishing the job practically twice as fast.

– GoProduce software. Summa’s in-house software for the F Series to facilitate the operator’s work. It features a user-friendly material database, including an extensive range of material types defined by Summa, which can be adapted to specific needs.

– Improved Safety System, ensuring safe access to the F Series’ working area and move around the flatbed more easily.

New tools to be launched:

– Perforating Tool for the F Series, used to make perforations in a very efficient and fast way. By using this tool, perforated materials, such as cardboard, will be a lot easier to bend or fold.

– 1400W Router System, offering an attractive performance increase with improved output quality over the standard router. The router is suitable for milling, contour cutting, polishing and engraving.

Summa’s laser cutting series, the L Series, will be represented by its L1810 Vision model. The L1810 is especially suitable for laser cutting of textiles, such as sportswear, dye sublimation garments and all sorts of raw materials used in the composite industry.

Key features include:

– Perfectly sealed edges avoid any fraying during the processing of textiles for sportswear and apparel with Summa’s high-end laser systems.

– Contactless cutting avoids any distortion or deformation while cutting, providing for a perfectly cut, high-precision end product.

– Vision Technology uses advanced camera recognition technology to enhance productivity. This Vision technology instantly scans the material and creates cutting vectors without operator intervention or the need for cut files.

GoLaser softwareBETA, a new software module, will be demonstrated in beta, as Summa will soon launch its very own software tailored to its laser cutters. One of the greatest assets of the GoLaser software is that it can also read barcodes, which will be most convenient for the signage industry.

In cooperation with Klieverik, a micro-factory is set-up showing the process of print by MS Printing, then transferring the printed textiles on the Klieverik Vertex hybrid transfer printing calender and cut them on the Summa L1810 laser cutter. The microfactory is initiated by Klieverik which wants to emphasise the necessity of sustainable entrepreneurship. This is reflected in the use of sustainable materials (provided by Greentex) and cutting methods where material is optimally cut and processed by Summa. These solutions will be exhibited at FESPA Amsterdam, taking place from 12-15 October 2021 in Amsterdam.


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