Solimar Systems Releases New Features Within Transform Engine


The new features in iCONVERT enable rapid onboarding of Intelligent Print Data Stream (IPDS) jobs including those with embedded PDF content. Users can maintain production processes with the confidence that iCONVERT is providing seamless data transformations in the background.

This latest functionality delivers new methods for handling embedded PDF object container resources, as well as enhancements to iCONVERT’s configurator, enabling customers to reduce set-up time and further streamline the data conversion process for increased productivity.

This solution is a modular component of the Solimar Systems Chemistry platform and provides print centres with flexible and effective IPDS conversions and control. To support workflows that mix IPDS and PDF (object container) content, iCONVERT offers two approaches to rendering PDF resources.

For any kind of output (PostScript, TIFF, etc), iCONVERT, together with Solimar’s Library Services product, can rasterise the PDF resources and present them as images in the output. For PDF output, iCONVERT can pass the PDF resources to Rubika and Rubika can interleave the PDF resources with PDF content created by iCONVERT from the native IPDS commands. This second method preserves the structure of the original PDF resources and can be especially useful when a subsequent process is for archiving or for a highly colour-sensitive printing workflow.

‘Since the launch of iCONVERT in 2000, we’ve continued to enhance and develop new functionality to address the latest challenges in complex and demanding printing environments,’ explained Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer, Solimar Systems. ‘The product creates optimised output that drives reprint workflows, electronic delivery communications and archive storage systems. With this new functionality, customers will find it even easier to realise these benefits and enjoy fast, seamless document distribution to their printers, presses and e-presentment systems.’


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