OneVision Announces New Software Release

Significantly reduced file size with new image referencing functionality.

OneVision has developed its prepress software Asura over the past months and has equipped it with three new, powerful functionalities.

In the field of direct mailing or dialog marketing, but also in the production of books, brochures and other print products, images are often repeated in files. This causes unnecessarily large file volumes. With the new ‘Embed recurring images only once’ function, identical images are embedded only once. For all other occurrences, ‘Reference XObject’ elements are being created that reference the embedded image. This allows file sizes to be significantly reduced and processing times of subsequent systems to be accelerated.

Print service providers send their customers proof sheets of prepared print files for print approval. This is intended to avoid costly and time-consuming reprints. With the improved functionality of the VDP module, colours and fonts contained in the print file can be used as properties. This information can be used in many different ways, including for the dynamic generation of proof sheets. In addition, the file properties enable routing within the workflow and hence ensure a dynamic and smooth file preparation.


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